Why go to a chiropractor when I feel fine?

But Doc, I feel Fine!


How you feel, (your symptoms), on a day to day basis is not the best indicator of health.  You can feel great and not be healthy or you can feel terrible and be healthy.  Your body adapts to everything you do, every second of your life.  Unlike going to other health care practitioners, you don’t have to have a problem to visit a chiropractor.

What about my symptoms?

Our focus in this office is to check spines for misalignment called Vertebral subluxations.  Most of these misalignments are not felt.  They decrease your full expression of life and contribute to a lack of health in the body.  Since there may be no signs or symptoms to tell you that something is amiss that is why it makes sense to see your chiropractor.

Help energy get delivered to your body.

In our office we recommend weekly visits.  We provide a fee system that allows this. 

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