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Dr. Scott P. Timpanelli, Chiropractor    

High School: Andrew Warde, Fairfield, CT    —     Class of 1981
College: Central Connecticut State University:  
B.S  Engineering Technology –  Class of 1986
Chiropractic School:  Life University:  
Doctor of Chiropractic:  December  –  1997

1998  – 6/01:         New Life Chiropractic, Westport ,CT.
7/01 – 10/03:         Family Chiropractic of Verona and Pontotoc, MS.
11/03 – 7/06:         Timpanelli Family Chiropractic, Orange, CT.
8/06 –                  Timpanelli Family Chiropractic, Greenville, SC

Serves on the Board of “The Chiropractic Trust”
9/12 –

Assistant Tai Chi Instructor  –
9/11 –

Adjunct Professor – Anatomy & Physiology

Housatonic Community College  (
January 2005 – May 2006

Greenville Technical College  (
August 2006 – December 2015

     Dr. Timpanelli chose to be a chiropractor after a decade long career in the aerospace field.   He has a strong foundation in Chinese martial arts holding a black belt in Shaolin Kempo.  He also has studied other styles of martial arts including jujitsu, wing chun, Yang and Chen style Tai Chi, and others.  He is also well read in the Chinese healing arts.  Other interests include reading just about
anything, herbology and nutrition, hiking, baseball, and taking naps  . . . .just to name a few.

     ” I was on vacation in 1990 sitting on a beach in Florida reading about Chinese health, healing and Taoist philosophy.  I was 27 years young at the time and I thought my career path was set.  I was a senior buyer at a major aircraft engine plant.  But this is not what I wanted.
I wanted to be in a field that I loved and for which I had a passion. It was on this beach that I decided to change my career and go into the health care field.   Of course I met a lot of resistance with family and friends but my mind was made!  I began to research different fields of health care –   medical doctor,  physical therapist,  Chinese medicinal doctor (now called acupuncture physician), and others.  Well, to me,  Chiropractic was it.  I was attracted the philosophy immediately – that the body is a self healing  and self regulating entity.  And that the nervous system , which is protected by the spinal column, runs and controls everything throughout the body!   So,  by January 1994,   I was in my first quarter of chiropractic college!

     Dr. Timpanelli loves the atmosphere here and looks forward to serving this  community for many years to come.


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