Fee Schedule

Everyone needs chiropractic care.


Our experience is that when people discover the truth about chiropractic they desire care for the entire family.  People often find it desirable to have their entire family checked at least weekly by a chiropractor throughout their lifetime.   Dr. Scott Timpanelli makes this type of care affordable to everyone.  Because of our dedication to delivering the principles and practice of chiropractic to everyone, we utilize the Elective Fee System.

Finally! An approach to life and health according to peoples’ needs. Our commitment is for every member of the community to have the opportunity to receive chiropractic care. We provide free lectures about chiropractic care for the entire community and we accept all people who desire chiropractic care.

Your life and health, and your families life and health, are so important that we have adopted a fee system that allows EVERYONE to receive regular chiropractic care!


Since no two families have the same financial circumstances,   this system allows you to elect which option most fits your needs and goals;

Options of Care:

(New people – Call or email [email protected] for first appointment or simply walk in during office hours) 

1. Per Visit – Only $40, family: $55 *Come by and see us anytime!

2. Per Month! *Individual – Only $130! *Family – Only $200 (You can renew the month at any time)
(Note: The number of visits is discussed on the first visit)

*other options are discussed in private*

_  _  _  _  _  _  _  _

*Recurring Payment Required for #3,#4

3. Monthly Fee : *Individual – ONLY $90 *Family – $135

4. Up to Four (4) visits a month $75

(Details and frequency of visits are always discussed in a personal setting)

- - - - - - - - - -

Other Packages:  Time frame and details discussed in private.

* (4) Visits   $100:  purchase here

*(10) Visits: $200: purchase here

"I appreciate Dr. Scott’s no-nonsense approach to chiropractic care. With no appointments needed and an affordable fee system yet keeping adjustments personal and unique to the individual, Dr. Scott provides a great value for me to receive the benefits of regular chiropractic adjustments. I would not hesitate to recommend his services to anyone, young or old." Glenn B.


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