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  • Increase Your Potential to be Healthy – 5 Ways..
    AUGUST 26, 2016  Very Cool Pic and Analogy!  Health and Life are like a bucket of water.  When the water level is high WE are full of health and vitality.  Unfortunately, there Read more
  • It’s About Life … Really!!
    OCTOBER 5, 2016  (From my colleague Todd Galley, D.C.) The power/intelligence/wisdom that created your body is the only thing that is able to heal your body (and also happens to be the very Read more
  • One Key to Health and Longevity – Structure Affects Function!
    DECEMBER 8, 2016  When you put a suitcase on top of your car, you have altered (temporarily at least) the structure of your car, affecting its weight, its wind resistance,its gas Read more
  • Health – It’s Not Just About “How You Feel”
    JANUARY 4, 2017  There is a greater dimension to health than just feeling good. Many people answer this question, “good health is feeling good”. This is nice, but it has very Read more
  • Take the Long View….
    MARCH 1, 2017  People tend to overestimate what they can achieve in 1 year, and underestimate what they can achieve in 5 years. But when you COMMIT to the long term, Read more
  • A Longer Life. . . .
    MARCH 23, 2017  What Can Chiropractic Do For You?(from Dr. Joe Strauss pamphlet)  How about… a longer life.  Bold statement, huh! We can only explain it with logic. We’ve been told – the better Read more
  • Ya Gotta – Do the Work!
    AUGUST 2, 2018  Ya can’t get around it… You have to put in some time, energy and a little bit of money. We want to feel better, lose weight, get in shape… but Read more
  • Nature has Awoken. . .
    JULY 17, 2018  Nature is waking up!  (from April 2018 Newsletter) Help you’re body adapt better … Do you notice it? It’s waking up… Nature. The pollen is flying, the bees are buzzing, the grass Read more
  • Be Proactive – – Plan Ahead!
    MAY 16, 2018  Plan Ahead … We plan our vacations, our weekends, our careers, our finances…  Why not plan “HOW YOU want to be -health wise? How do YOU want to be . Read more
  • Keep Adding to the Bucket!
    MARCH 14, 2018  Check out the PIC below… its a simple analogy.. keep adding GOOD HEALTH activities to the bucket…. because its always leaking! Leaks include stress, injuries, chemicals, aging, environment, heredity… Read more
  • The Power of Choice
    FEBRUARY 15, 2018  Choose Wisely… *From Tony Robbins –  the ONE gift that we have, the ONE power that we have that could change everything… I have it, you have it.. The Read more
  • Scrap Resolutions – Build Habits and Priorities
    JANUARY 11, 2018  It’s about Habits! I’ve written about this before and made a video also…. You need to build the habits THAT WILL GET YOU TO YOUR RESOLUTIONS! It’s the daily and weekly Read more
  • Habits and Priorities – A Quick Review..
    OCTOBER 20, 2017  Habits and Priorities . . . . . . Hi Everyone. Make the good stuff a habit.. Commit to a few new habits that will help you livebetter! We can replace Read more
  • Text Neck?
    October 4, 2017  Another New One — They call it Text Neck . . . .Yes!.  I know you’ve heard of it.Is is a condition?  Is it a disease?  No, in Read more
  • You Are Smarter Than You Think!
    July 19, 2017  Absolutely! Follow along with me here. We are born with a principle of life, a principle so POWERFUL, that it creates a human being out of two cells!! It helps to Read more
  • Your Ability to Adapt – One Key to Health and Longevity
    June 14, 2017 Laws of Life Adaptation:  a change or the process of change by which an organism or species becomes better suited to its environment. Your body is adapting to every thing Read more


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