• Chiropractic - Consistency = Strength
    Consistency = StrengthOur daily activities determine our lives.Anything you do with consistency, especially when it comes to our body/health, CAN and WILL lead to a stronger healthier life!  Consistency = ProgressWe Read more
  • What is Straight Chiropractic?
    DECEMBER 31, 2013  If you ask anyone on the street what chiropractic is. . . . believe me . . . they’ll tell you. The public already knows what it is. Read more
  • Dr. Scott Timpanelli – Chiropractor Greenville SC
    FEBRUARY 4, 2014  Hi, I’m Dr. Scott Timpanelli. I’ve been a chiropractor in the Greenville, SC area since 2006 and a practicing chiropractor in the states of Connecticut and Massachusetts before Read more
  • What Causes Vertebral Subluxations?
    FEBRUARY 5, 2014  What Causes Vertebral Subluxations? Part 1 What Causes Vertebral Subluxations? Part 2 Read more
  • Strengthen Your Focus – Get Clear!
    FEBRUARY 6, 2014 What do you want this year? Do you want to double your income? Lose 20 pounds? Start a business? Better Relationship? Get in shape? Plan a beach vacation?  Whatever Read more
  • Can It Cost us more to “Not” Get Adjusted??
    MAY 19, 2014  (*from Jason Meyerson D.C.      When someone is choosing to begin, or even continue with chiropractic visits, COST is always part of the equation.  As part of figuring Read more
  • What Can Chiropractic Do For You?
    AUGUST 7, 2014  Hello everyone, This is an article I wrote for a local magazine. I wanted to share it with you. I wrote it for people who work in the service Read more
  • Visible Results Take Time… with New Office Video
    FEBRUARY 4, 2015  No matter what, we want results.  It’s that simple!  We have been conditioned to expect results – immediately! We are living in a fast paced, get it done now, world. Read more
  • Moving Toward Health vs. Moving Away from Disease – You Choose…..
    FEBRUARY 3, 2016  Your Health: Less or More?: When it comes to health, what are you hoping for?   Less struggle?  Less disease?  Less risk?  Less symptoms?  Or  . . More opportunities? Read more
  • The Chemistry of Life . . . . .
    FEBRUARY 17, 2016  Can pushing on backbones help balance hormones? I know what you’re saying… how can pushing on back bones affect how I function ‘inside’.. immunity, digestion, sleep, organ functions, stress Read more
  • Can You Fix Me . . Doc?
    MARCH 16, 2016  Can You Fix Me . . .Doc? Is there really a fix when it comes to your body? When we feel better from a cold or an injury. . Read more
  • Energy . . . Even Hammie the Hamster Needs It!
    APRIL 20, 2016  Hammie getting an Adjustment! OK,  Now that I’ve got your attention, haha. Energy, we cannot live without it.  One way to maintain and increase your energy is to get your Read more
  • A Safety Pin and Your Nerve System – The Connection
    MAY 5, 2016  A critical element in understanding the necessity of chiropractic care for every man, woman, and child is explained by a model known as the safety pin cycle.  The model illustrates, in a Read more
  • Health – It’s Not Just About “How You Feel”
    JANUARY 4, 2017  There is a greater dimension to health than just feeling good. Many people answer this question, “good health is feeling good”. This is nice, but it has very Read more
  • Take the Long View….
    MARCH 1, 2017  People tend to overestimate what they can achieve in 1 year, and underestimate what they can achieve in 5 years. But when you COMMIT to the long term, Read more
  • Nature has Awoken. . .
    JULY 17, 2018  Nature is waking up!  (from April 2018 Newsletter) Help you’re body adapt better … Do you notice it? It’s waking up… Nature. The pollen is flying, the bees are buzzing, the grass Read more


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