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Chiropractic - Consistency = Strength

Consistency = Strength

Our daily activities determine our lives.

Anything you do with consistency, especially when it comes to our body/health, CAN and WILL lead to a stronger healthier life! 

Consistency = Progress

We progress to the degree of our level of consistency.

We are always progressing!

Either forward or backward.

If I consistently eat fast food and don't move much.. I may progress backward toward (weaker)

If I consistently watch what I eat, move well, rest well. ... I will make progress, even if its not noticeable.(stronger)

It's the same with adjustment.

Consistently keeping the spine clear of nerve interference (Subluxation) and getting adjusted weekly or at least a few times a month =>builds strength in the body!

. . . .And strength builds resilience, and resilience keeps us - bouncing back from the challenges we face on a daily basis.

Adjustments = LIFE!

Dr. Scott


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