Can It Cost us more to “Not” Get Adjusted??

Can It Cost us more to “Not” Get Adjusted??

MAY 19, 2014 

(*from Jason Meyerson D.C.

     When someone is choosing to begin, or even continue with chiropractic visits, COST is always part of the equation.  As part of figuring this out, it is helpful to keep in mind that there is ALSO A COST TO NOT receiving chiropractic care. 

Spinal mis-alignments (Subluxations) interfere with YOUR NERVE system and the NERVE system is used to express LIFE and control and coordinate every activity of the body.  As a result, interference to your NERVE system CAN AFFECT everything, including YOUR WALLET.

     If you have nerve interference it could decrease your energy level. This may cause you to perform sub par at work. Maybe you don’t make that sale at the end of the day or your boss passes you up for a raise or promotion, because of your lowered performance.

      Subluxations may decrease your level of health, by reducing the function of the organs and systems of the body. This could include, for example, your immune, cardiovascular, and respiratory systems.

You may spend more money trying to treat illness, going to medical doctors, on medicine, and taking more days off work.     Being subluxated may decrease your memory, concentration, and mental capacity. In a classroom setting, these things can lead to poor performance and a grade point average below your capabilities.

     Having a vertebral subluxation may change your reaction time, range of motion, coordination, and recovery time. If you workout or play sports these alterations, in your body, may lead to injury or poor performance.

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     Your NERVE system plays a vital role in the proper function of your sex organs. A compromised nervous system could decrease your fertility or function.

     Your ability to handle stress can be lessened by a compromised nervous system. How you are able to handle, react and adapt to each situation that arises depends greatly on a proper functioning nervous system.

     The glands and cells of the body depend on a good nerve supply so they can make the chemicals the body needs. A disruption to the messages traveling along the nervous system, to these cells and glands, will result in a chemical imbalance that could affect mood, digestion, metabolism, healing and more.

Is there a financial cost to weekly lifetime chiropractic care? Yes, but there is also a big payoff and a big savings to living subluxation free.


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