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You and Your Smart Phone….

JANUARY 13, 2016 

These new phones are AMAZING! 

It is incredible what they can do…. emails, texts, weather, facebook, twitter feeds, pandora music, movies, you tube videos, get an instant score on that college football game, video camera, regular camera, apps and apps, etc,.. oh, and I forgot, it’s a phone too!

But, what happens when you lose that 

connection?! Frustrating?  You know what I mean. Everything is working fine, then all of a sudden, bamm . . what happened?  Calls get dropped or the other person’s voice is not CLEAR or that text doesn’t go through, etc..

And that’s the word – CLEAR.  You lost that clear connection between the phone and the cell tower!  Sure, the phone can still work, but it doesn’t function the way it was designed to, or function the best that it can.  Without a clear connection it just may not work at all!!

Our bodies work in similar way.  We need a clear connection between the brain and body!  Its our nerve system that is responsible for this connection.  All of our cells, tissues, and organs depend upon this vital connection to function properly.  Spinal misalignments called vertebral subluxations interfere with the nerve system.  When this happens,  the connection is just not as CLEAR as it can be!  Sure, we still function, but not the best that we can.  This nerve connection is vital to LIFE!

The chiropractic adjustment will help keep this connection clear so that your body systems do not experience any dropped calls!


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