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Moving Toward Health vs. Moving Away from Disease – You Choose…..

FEBRUARY 3, 2016 

Your Health: Less or More?:

When it comes to health, what are you hoping for?   Less struggle?  Less disease?  Less risk?  Less symptoms?  Or  . . More opportunities?  More health!!?  More energy? More vitality?  More flexibility?  etc.

I guess it all depends how you look at your life.  We can take a reactive ( or less ) approach to life and health.   In this scenario you are always putting out fires.   You are kind of going with the flow.  But who’s flow?  You are always worried about catching the next disease or how to cure it.  It can be a scary way to live because you have no control.   It’s fear based and it can cause one to just run in place for years.  You are basically running away from disease and trying to figure out how to get rid of your new ailment.

There is nothing wrong with addressing how you feel on a day to day basis, it’s part of life.   But, to be really healthy and bounce back quick to the stresses of daily life takes a subtle shift of your focus.

We can easily shift our focus from  ‘running away’,  to  ‘moving toward’.   ‘Moving toward’ is a proactive (more) approach to life and health.  You may think its prevention but its not.   Its the mind-set of ‘what can I do today to build health’ in my body and life.  For example; instead of exercising regularly to prevent bad health, you exercise to build health and vitality!  Instead of eating well to prevent cancer,  you eat well to build health and vitality.    The basic fact is – disease cannot exist in a healthy body!

This also pertains to what I do for a living.  Most people go to the chiropractor because they have an ache or a pain they want to get rid of.  In other words, they want less of something.  There is nothing wrong with that because we all want to feel better.  However, a fact that most people don’t know is that  about 80 – 90 percent of your nerves are for function, not pain.  For example, your stomach, , your pancreas , liver, kidneys are performing hundreds of functions without your conscious control.

Everything we do effects our spine to some degree.

Chiropractic adjustments remove nerve interference to the nerve system at the spinal level and your body is ALWAYS better off with a good nerve supply!  


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