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FEBRUARY 17, 2016 

Can pushing on backbones help balance hormones?

I know what you’re saying… how can pushing on back bones affect how I function ‘inside’.. immunity, digestion, sleep, organ functions, stress reduction?  Hormones too?

“The organs, glands, and cells of the body must be working properly to produce just the right chemicals in just the right amounts at just the right time.  Your NERVE system is critical in the coordination of that function” Joe Strauss, D. C.

Every level of how you function is controlled by ‘Body Chemistry’.  Body Chemistry is controlled by GLANDS whose job it is to make chemicals.

Most of the Glands produce hormones. You have heard of the big ones – Growth Hormone, Testosterone, Estrogen, etc.

The Glands are controlled by your Nervous System!  The spinal bones PROTECT your nerves.  A vertebral subluxation is a bone over which the body has lost some of its control.  The misalignment of the bone – irritates – the nerves.  The irritated nerves disrupt gland function.  Improper gland function disrupts body chemistry. Disrupted body chemistry decrease YOUR performance levels!

A Chiropractic Adjustment restores the proper position and movement of the bone.  This removes nerve irritation and restores nerve function!  Restored nerve function ALLOWS for normal gland function.  This helps balance body chemistry! Balanced chemistry increase YOUR performance! 


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