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Can You Fix Me . . Doc?

MARCH 16, 2016 

Can You Fix Me . . .Doc?

Is there really a fix when it comes to your body? When we feel better from a cold or an injury. . are we fixed? If we take a drug for an ailment and feel better . . did the drug fix you? If you feel better after an adjustment, are you fixed? My answer is “It all depends on your personal definition of fixing”. If ‘fix’ to you is feeling better, than yes, you can be fixed.

In my opinion, there is no such thing as fixing the body. Sorry. We have to move away from this dangerous idea that you can go to a doctor and take a pill, or get one adjustment, etc., and expect a fix. Of course, you can feel better, but the body is a dynamic organism. The human body does not stop and everyday we are subjected to physical, chemical and emotional stresses of life.

Please do not misunderstand this point. One of the definitions of ‘fixed’ is to repair or restore by replacing a part or putting together what is torn or broken.
The body can be repaired but the body is always in a continuous state of change! A machine can be fixed. You replace the part, and whammo, it is working again perfectly. It’s entirely different with our body. There are too many variables (parts). Our bodies require much more daily attention and maintenance compared to machines even when we feel GREAT!

Also, how you feel on a day to day basis is not a strong indicator of how healthy you are. Our bodies are simply adapting to everything we do every second of our life.. You can feel miserable one day and great the next. Of course you need to pay attention to your body but don’t mistake feeling good for fixed and not feeling good to – broken.

There is another aspect to this – “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it”. This philosophy is dangerous when it comes to our bodies. This is saying “there is nothing wrong with me, I feel fine” Most vertebral subluxations are not felt. Does that mean that you are fine? No, you may feel fine, but you have a misaligned vertebra interfering with the proper function of the nerve system. The inborn wisdom of your body, which controls and coordinates the function of every cell in the body, is not free to do its job. That’s why its important to get you spine checked at least weekly because most of the nerves are not felt and you really do not know when you are subluxated.

Perhaps we need a major change in our attitude. Perhaps we need to focus on what causes health, what causes proper body function, what causes increased performance on a mental, physical and emotional level. It’s really rather simple: eating right, getting regular exercise, maintaining a nerve system free of interference (regular visits to your chiropractor) and having a positive mental attitude.


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