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A Safety Pin and Your Nerve System – The Connection

MAY 5, 2016 

A critical element in understanding the necessity of chiropractic care for every man, woman, and child is explained by a model known as the safety pin cycle.  The model illustrates, in a very simple way, the vital communication that occurs in the nerve system.

The Brain sends signals to tissue cells via one side (known as the efferent side) and tissue cells communicate back with the brain via another pathway (the afferent side). 

In this manner, your body is constantly communicating with itself.

Unfortunately, this communication can be disrupted by vertebral subluxation, a misaligned spinal bone that disrupts nerve system function.


(Thank you Jim Chester, D.C)

Spinal Mis-Alignments (Vertebral Subluxations ) are caused by an inability to adapt to physical, chemical, and emotional stresses that we encounter every day.

The chiropractor’s objective is to locate, analyze, and assist in the correction of vertebral subluxations (restoring normal alignment and function of the spine to allow the proper brain-body connection).  This helps to ensure that messages are getting through loud and clear.


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