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It’s About Life … Really!!

OCTOBER 5, 2016 

(From my colleague Todd Galley, D.C.)

The power/intelligence/wisdom that created your body is the only thing that is able to heal your body (and also happens to be the very thing that keeps you alive!)

We are each blessed with a gift of LIFE: which is an innate ability to continually assimilate and regenerate ourselves.  Messages in the form of mental impulses leave our brain and travel down our spinal cord to all the different parts of our body.

If the message gets to where it is going, uninterrupted, then our body acts as it should.  This is LIFE.  If, for any reason, the message does not arrive where it should, when it should, or how it should, our body can not act as it should (ie. it experiences a lack of LIFE.)  

One of the primary causes of nerve interference is called a subluxation.”  Subluxation is a fancy word for a spinal bone putting pressure on a nerve and interfering with the expression of LIFE.   

Chiropractors adjust subluxations, removing nerve interference, thereby allowing the body to act as it should, and heal as it should, and perform as it should.   

It is that simple.

When you don’t have 100% nerve flow it is impossible to have 100% function. Without 100% function, you can’t have 100% LIFE (since the expression of LIFE is what we are all about as human beings we want to maximize all times, right?) 

The expression of LIFE throughout our bodies is what allows us to heal wounds, assimilate food, build muscle, ride bikes, think clearly, fight infections, laugh at funny things, and EVERYTHING else that keeps us alive and allows us to experience being human.   


In a nutshell: LIFE is good…  this simple concept is WHY we feel ALL people would benefit from having their spines checked for subluxations thus WHY we offer a ‘membership’ practice- offering everyone (especially kids) the chance to be adjusted regularly for a fee that we KNOW everyone can afford.

That’s LIFE.  It’s pretty good.  We’ll see you soon. 


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