Health – It’s Not Just About “How You Feel”

Health – It’s Not Just About “How You Feel”

JANUARY 4, 2017 

There is a greater dimension to health than just feeling good. Many people answer this question, “good health is feeling good”. This is nice, but it has very little to do with having good health.

What is Health?

There is so much more to being healthy than how you feel! The problem with health is that no one really has a good definition of what that term means. Most of the definitions out there are too vague or confusing.

One of the best definitions of health I’ve encountered is – normal function and ability to adapt to most of the stress you face in your day. It is the result of the harmonious function of all the organs of the body under the masterful direction of the brain.

Health is not just how you feel; it’s how you are functioning.

Where does health come from? Health comes from within. Health is the natural state of the adequate expression of the forces of innate intelligence in your body. Your body has the inborn ability to heal itself naturally. You were born to be healthy and function normally.

The catch is, in order for your body to be able to heal itself it must be free from interference in the nerve system. The nerve system controls the function of every cell, tissue, organ, and system in your body. The number one cause of interference to the nerve system today is the vertebral subluxation.

Regular chiropractic care 
is a process of attaining health, happiness, and vitality, allowing you to live your life to its fullest potential. My wish to you is to live your life to its fullest and improve the quality of your life by creating health naturally.

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