Nature has Awoken. . .

Nature has Awoken. . .

JULY 17, 2018 

Nature is waking up!  (from April 2018 Newsletter)

Help you’re body adapt better …

Do you notice it?

It’s waking up… Nature.

The pollen is flying, the bees are buzzing, the grass is growing, the geese will have their babies soon.. and on and on.

Adaptation is KEY to survival. Thankfully our bodies do a very good job at this.

It’s our NERVE system that helps us adapt and any interference to that system can slow that process down.

We adapt to variables inside and outside the body.

Subluxations(spine misalignements) interfere with your body’s ability to adapt to change.

Get checked and adjusted as often as possible to allow your body to ADAPT better to the never ending changes of LIFE!


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