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Scrap Resolutions – Build Habits and Priorities

JANUARY 11, 2018 

It’s about Habits!

I’ve written about this before and made a video also….

You need to build the habits THAT WILL GET YOU TO YOUR RESOLUTIONS!

It’s the daily and weekly things you do that will get you there.. that’s it.. bamm!

Hope you all have a great start to the New Year!

Here is a video I’ve made on this topic and below that is an article from Matt Furey..

Matt Furey

Forget About New Year 2018

Yesterday morning one of my Facebook

followers wrote to wish me a Happy 2018,

then remarked how he’s going to put 2017

behind him (it wasn’t good) and focus on

making this year a great one.

Many others resounded the same theme via

email and text messages. A few told me about

their resolutions for 2018 and how they’re going

to finally achieve their goals.

My thoughts about this way of thinking is as


“If tackling a year at a time didn’t work for

you last year, why you doing it again?

How about living in the present moment, at

least once per day, for a minute or two.

Perhaps part of the reason that the previous

years wern’t as good as you wanted is

because you tried to mentally tackle the

entire year, at the onset, and

a one-year chunk is too big of a bite

for you to swallow.

You can whip yourself into an excited state

before you go to bed, but the next morning

you’re going to wake up fearful and ulti-

mately frustrated. That’s what tends to

happen, most of the time, when you

attempt to live life LARGE.

You cannot live your life in the future or

in the past, even if your mind is stuck there.

You can only utilize the present moment as

best as you know how at this time.

‘But, but, but, but, but, but… I have this goal

to make a fortune this year,’ you say.

That’s great. Now put that goal on the back

burner and forget about it because your

chances of achieving it will be far greater

if you focus on the front burner.

Take care of today. Take care of NOW.

Take care of each and every breath you

take. Take care of your next step – not

your next 1,000,000.

If you’re going to set goals, set goals you

want to work on because you believe you

can achieve them.

Set “today goals.” Or “half-day” goals.

Or morning goals. Or “during today’s

practice” goals.

Make it simple.

When you simplify your focus, you no

longer need to sit around pondering what

your negative beliefs and thoughs are and

how you can change them.

Your negatives will fly out the window

because when you’re creatively alive

in the present, there’s no way you can

simultaneously ponder all the negatives.

Today is January 1, 2018.

Live today, TODAY.

Live today, NOW.

Forget about the entire year for now

and focus on what you can do, a bit

at a time, on this day, at this time.

Make it easy for yourself to win.

Win the day. Win the moment..

Rinse, repeat.

After doing this for a day, do it

for another day, and then another.

A year later, if you’re so inclined,

you can look back upon the past

365 days in absolute shock, thinking,

“Did I really get that much done?”

Yes, you did.

Matt Furey

P.S. Instead of “motivational” musing or tips, I’ve
decided to have some fun and call them by
their namesake, “mativational” – i.e. written
by Matt, minus one “t.”

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