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You Are Smarter Than You Think!

July 19, 2017 


Follow along with me here.

We are born with a principle of life, a principle so POWERFUL, that it creates a human being out of two cells!!

It helps to heal and run the body with an innate/inborn mechanism.

It controls and coordinates every cell in the body,(without our conscious input).

It is essential for YOUR survival by helping you adapt to your environment.

Chiropractic Principle #20: A living thing has an inborn intelligence within its body called innate intelligence ( We are born with it!) 

(go to –  About Chiropractic)

It’s MISSION – Chiropractic Principle #21 – The mission of innate intelligence is to maintain the material of the body of the living thing in active organization.

This innate intelligence uses the nerve system as its main tool to run, coordinate and heal the body!

An interference in the nerve system will decrease the body’s ability to heal and run itself.

A vertebra out of its proper alignment (vertebral subluxation) will affect its surrounding tissues- including the nerve system.

The adjustment helps to remove nerve interference /nerve irritation to restore proper nerve flow which allows the innate intelligence to express itself. . . .You become a better expression of what you are intended to be.

This is big stuff!!

It’s not just about pushing on backbones to alleviate a condition ,(which can happen because of this powerful principle), its about helping to improve the function of every organ, gland and cell!! 


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