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Subluxations Accumulate. . .

MARCH 13, 2019

Let’s say you forget to take out the garbage one week.  The following week you have twice as much work to do (and so does your trash collector.)  This may no seem too big. (Inspired by Dr. Todd Galley)

Imagine what would happen if you continue to forget week after week for an entire a year.

How much catching up would you need to do to get rid of that huge pile of trash?  (There might be an Arlo Guthrie song about this…)

Subluxations,(spine misalignments) like garbage, accumulate.  They can grow both in quantity and severity if they are not addressed.

You understand the need to  set out your trash weekly… do the same favor for your nerve system and it from accumulating debris (subluxations) too! 

Like taking out the garbage, some folks might consider it a chore to stop by the chiropractor every week.

But once a person understands the concept of Innate Intelligence and the role their nerve system plays in the expression of that intelligence, getting adjusted becomes a reward.  (Imagine thinking: “Wow, I just did a great job weeding that garden… now I’m going to treat myself and go get adjusted.”)

Chiropractic care is about potential.

When you are subluxated, you lose potential. 

When the subluxations are adjusted and the vertebral foramen (AKA: LifeLines) are opened up, you gain potential.

As long as your LifeLines stay open you continue to enjoy that fuller potential.

However, as subluxations begin to accumulate again (and they eventually will) your potential drops.

The objective of care is to keep your potential as high as possible for as long as possible.  

The longer you go between adjustments, the more potential those subluxations have to reduce your overall potential.

Wouldn’t it be great if the trash collector came any day you wanted?  Fitting into your schedule is important – it is WHY we offer open adjusting hours four days a week, and open to 7 on Mon/Wed/FRi.

In fact, the reason we offer our “Elective” fee system is so folks can be checked and adjusted as often as they choose.


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