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NOVEMBER 15, 2018 

I am always asked questions like.. Should I use heat or ice?  What about stretches? Which mattress is better? How long is it going to take?  Should I do this or that?

I get it…  if you’ve been with me awhile, you know that I am extremely real and easy going.

I don’t have all the answers to these questions BUT what I am really GREAT at is  – the adjusment!  Which, in my professional opinion every human being needs.

So here are a few tidbits of real advice – based on principles..

1.  Take full responsibility for your body – what does that mean?  

No one cares about you   — more than you!

Of course, I care, your spouse and kids care, etc.. but when it comes down to it, you care the most.  So taking responsibility simply means taking care of yourself.  You can’t be the best spouse, or parent, etc without being as healthy as you can be!

And of course, time and money are factors.

2.  Everyone is different!

My physiology is different than yours..even if its just slightly.  What does that mean? Well, one herb, or medicine, or health procedure to one person is a healing miracle while the other person does not seem to get any visible results. Notice I say  – visible results, because we all get results.

One adjustment to one person and they get their hearing back ( 1895), to another person they may live a few days longer, while another person doesn’t feel any different.

You respond different to different hip stretches than Bob does… etc, etc.

3. Because you have taken responsibility and now know everyone is different —

*Use the GOOGLE

* Seek out other health professionals.

There are people out there who will give you better answers.  Google what you are looking for…

Google – Should I use ice or heat? And just a general rule : Ice – acute. Heat – chronic

             – What are some low back stretches?

But be careful  – Don’t self diagnose!  And because you took responsibility and because you know that we are all different – you’ll become much better informed which enables you to make better decisions for you and your family!!


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