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Dr. Timpanelli is a practicing chiropractor since 1998.  He has been a Greenville since 2006.  He focuses on ONE thing in the office – your spine!   A straightforward –  adjustment only  – chiropractor who is dedicated to making this service affordable for everyone. 

Chiropractic. . .pure and simple! That’s what we do at Timpanelli Family Chiropractic.
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September 2022

Dr. Scott Timpenelli
Greenville Chiropractor | Timpanelli chiropractic | (864) 386-8316

4006 E. North St.
Greenville, SC 29615

Meet Dr. Scott

  • Dr.
    Scott P. Timpanelli

    Dr. Scott P. Timpanelli, Chiropractor    

    High School: Andrew Warde, Fairfield, CT  —   Class of 1981

    College: Central Connecticut State University:  B.S  Engineering Technology –  Class of 1986

    Chiropractic School:  Life University:  Doctor of Chiropractic:  December  –  1997

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