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Dr. Timpanelli is a practicing Chiropractor since 1998.  He has been a Greenville resident since 2006.  His focus is helping you reach your potential in life!  How?  We know that improved spinal alignment through the chiropractic adjustment will help your entire body function better.  We are dedicated to making this service affordable for everyone. 

Chiropractic. . .pure and simple! That’s what we do at Timpanelli Family Chiropractic.
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September 2022

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Meet Dr. Scott

  • Dr.
    Scott P. Timpanelli

    Dr. Scott P. Timpanelli, Chiropractor    

    High School: Andrew Warde, Fairfield, CT  —   Class of 1981

    College: Central Connecticut State University:  B.S  Engineering Technology –  Class of 1986

    Chiropractic School:  Life University:  Doctor of Chiropractic:  December  –  1997

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